Why us?

Simple, we make it personal.

Saving tax dollars is not just about working the numbers!

It’s far more about communication than numbers. We actually take the time to chat with you. Knowing who you are, where you’re at and where you want to be are key ingredients for tax minimisation. Once we get the big picture, number crunching is straight forward.

The Big Picture

All the pieces of the finance puzzle must work together for a cohesive tax strategy. Because we can handle such a wide range of services “in-house”, we understand your complete financial & tax picture.

Northcoast through & through

Although we partner with clients Australia wide, most of our personal tax return & business clients  are in the Lismore, Byron Bay, Ballina region. I was born, schooled and live in the Ballina-Lismore region. For most of us on the North Coast, lifestyle is just as important as money, and getting the balance right is key for successful living.

Proven Experience

Over thirteen years experience in public practice assisting clients with completing all their tax obligations and more importantly, assisting them to pay less tax.